Introducing our new range of Signature NATO straps

The NATO watch strap has been a benchmark in WatchGecko’s portfolio since the company’s inception. Several variants have been developed over the years from simple military nylon models to luxurious Italian rubber dive straps. This comprehensive range of NATOs represents a wide spectrum of designs, however WatchGecko have long wondered if it would be possible to bring the very best of these various models together in a single superior strap.

WatchGecko Signature NATO on an Omega Speedmaster

The WatchGecko Signature NATO Bond strap on an Omega Speedmaster - Image credit WatchGecko.

After considerable development and testing, WatchGecko is introducing their new Signature Series of NATO straps and NATO Single-Pass straps - offering premium fabric together with newly designed metalwork, all of which brings greater style and presence to the venerable NATO.

Signature straps are constructed from premium 1.25mm nylon which is exceptionally supple making it comfortable on the wrist. This new strap is made with a very tight weave with an alternating pattern on the edges, making it incredibly strong, durable and resistant to elements.

The completely redesigned hardware is brushed stainless steel, with a solid buckle strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear. The keeper nearest the buckle incorporates the advanced “floating” design, which can move to suit the length of excess strap that needs to be secured. Reinforced holes and sealed leading edges keep the strap pristine, free from frays and snags and won't lose shape after water submersion. With a length of 285mm, the Signature NATO fits any wrist size from 6 inches to 9 inches (15.25cm to 22.86cm).

During development of the new Signature Series, the guiding principle was to strike a perfect balance between the simple ethos of a NATO and evolve that classic design into a new generation of straps to suit all watches.

The WatchGekco Signature NATO strap on a Seiko Prospex

The WatchGekco Signature NATO strap on a Seiko Prospex - Image credit WatchGecko.

Perspective from a serial NATO user:

I adore and own (too) many NATO straps, yet I still occasionally struggle to find the right balance with certain watches and “G10s”. There is no question that some watches look better on NATOs than the original straps they were supplied on. A prime example is my Bulova Apollo 15 Lunar Pilot. When new, this watch is offered with various branded strap options (some much better than others), yet it is on either a Classic Bond NATO, black with twin grey stripes, or just a plain Admiralty grey NATO that the watch looks its strongest. The watch is big at 45mm and a traditional 141 style strap with minimal hardware looks a bit lost on it, especially when you flip your wrist over and the diminutive keepers and buckle are overwhelmed by the huge watch case. Conversely, if you put this 45mm giant on one of the older premium Swiss style NATO straps the aesthetics are much better, however the larger buckle and keepers which suit the Bulova so well can overpower something 38mm or under. For example, it would look quite unbalanced with a 36mm Rolex Explorer, a watch that screams for a NATO but maybe something a bit more special than a 141.

This is where the new Signature Series strikes the mark. The simple and functional ethos of the NATO has not been lost and the collection benefits from carefully chosen subtle colours that look sophisticated. The material is of the highest quality and very soft and flexible. The alternating weave pattern not only adds strength, but it offers visual interest and allows light to play when it hits the soft sheen material. The purposeful, but not over-sized keepers retain the strap where you want it, and the moving keeper offers maximum comfort and strap retention. Finally, the completely redesigned WatchGecko branded buckle is designed to lie perfectly flat on the wrist and can be worn well with any size watch.

I have been using NATOs daily since 2012 and the Signature Series is an outstanding example of the genre, possibly the best NATO strap WatchGecko has made. This new model draws on years of experience as market leaders and utilises the design expertise of a team who are dedicated to creating fine innovative watch straps.

Check out the new collection here and transform your favourite watch.