Helpful instructions on how to find the lug width of your watch, take a look.

The 'lug width' is simply the internal width measured between the lugs (where the watch strap fits) of the watch.

If you're looking to buy a replacement watch strap for your watch, it's important you know this information first so you can ensure the watch strap fits your watch.

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It's always best to check this size before you purchase a replacement watch strap, you can then view the correct sizes available for your watch on our website.

Inaccurate readings by just a few millimetres could lead to your strap having a loose fitting or either not fitting at all. It is best to use a pair of calipers (vernier) or a ruler (a tape measure is not advised) and please note it is the internal dimension you need.

You may like to check you watch details on the online database called WatchBase it is a useful website for finding the full details of your watch.

We have also put together a helpful video to show you how to take measurements:

Once you know this size we have a great page that enables you to view all of our watch straps in this size.

Please do contact us if you need some help selecting the correct strap for your watch.