The devil is in the details with our first collaboration with a watch brand...

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our first collaboration with watch brand NTH. In what we hope will be the first of many such ventures, WatchGecko has partnered with NTH to bring you not one, but two exclusive DevilRays.

With an initial run of just 25 units of each colour, this pair of watches are well and truly exclusive.

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay

The WatchGecko Exclusive DevilRays are available in both blue and white.

The story of the DevilRay

For those who are unfamiliar with NTH, the brand was founded back in 2016 by Chris Vail. Chris is a well-known figure in the community, being a very active member of the WatchUSeek forum, and having run successful microbrand Lew & Huey before NTH.

NTH focus on producing rugged, practical dive watches with a nod to classic designs. We chose to use their DevilRay as the base for the collaboration because it best represents what the brand stands for – an uncompromising pursuit of the ultimate hardcore dive watch.

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay White

With a 43mm x 46mm cushion case, the DevilRay will suit even smaller wrists.

What makes the DevilRay a great dive watch?

With its 43mm steel cushion case, which is inspired by the first extreme-depth diving watches of the 60's and '70s, it certainly looks the part.

But what makes the DevilRay worthy of its claim to represent the ultimate in what a dive watch should be?

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay Blue

Blue and orange are a classic colour combination.

For starters, each DevilRay is individually tested to ensure that it is water resistant to a depth of an impressive 500m. Few, if any, of us will put that to the test, but it means you can rest easy when you wear your DevilRay to the beach.

Legibility is perhaps the second most crucial feature on a diver, and the DevilRay’s hands, markers and bezel are filled with X1 Super-LumiNova to ensure that it will never be a problem.

You'll have no problems reading the DevilRay in the dark.

Speaking of legibility, as you would expect from a watch that promises to be the pinnacle of what a dive watch should be, the crystal is a double-domed sapphire with an anti-reflective coating. Sapphire is of course the most scratch resistant material used for watch crystals, and it’s the only choice for a tough-as-nails dive watch like this.

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay White

The white DevilRay was inspired by the iconic "Polar dial" tool watches of the past.

What makes it tick?

Under the hood, the NTH DevilRay uses the trusty Seiko NH38 automatic movement. This is the no-date version of the ubiquitous NH35 that’s been used by countless brands over the years. The tried and tested calibre beats at a rate of 21,600 BPH with a 41-hour power reserve. On top of this NTH has taken the time to regulate the movement, and it will be accurate to -10/+20 seconds a day.

The DevilRay's case back features a giant devil ray, the fish from which the watch takes its name.

So, what makes the WatchGecko Exclusives different?

The DevilRay was already one of the most practical divers out there, but we wanted to take that one step further and distil the watch down to its core elements.

We removed the printed markers from the ends of each hour marker, and instead added a cross hair as a nod to some of our favourite divers from the 60s and 70s. This small detail keeps the dial looking clean and uncluttered, whilst offering up a look that’s noticeably different from the standard DevilRays.

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay Blue

As a nod to some classic vintage divers, the WatchGecko DevilRays feature a cross hair dial.

We also removed the bright multi-coloured depth-meter and replaced it with a white minute track. On the blue dial option, the minute markers are exactly the same blue as the main dial, and on the white model they’re black. Coupled with the matte-coloured dials, the more subdued minute track gives the watch a more classically toolish feel than previous DevilRay models, and keeps your eye focused on the dial.

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay White

The minute track is now more subdued to keep your eye focused on the main dial.

The 120-click unidirectional bezel features both a 12-hour and 60-minute scale, so to make it easy to distinguish between the outer and inner scales on the bezel, the steel insert features a DLC coating. On the blue model the insert is blue to match the dial, and on the white model it’s a subtle titanium grey.

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay White

With it's blacked out hands and markers, the white DevilRay is extremely legible.

Lastly, the white model features a black handset, and hour markers. However, the hands and markers still have a polished finish, so as to the catch the light in the same way as on the other DevilRays. This ensures superb legibility under all lighting conditions.

WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay Blue

The DevilRay is powered by the reliable Seiko NH38 automatic movement.

Grab one whilst you can!

Only 25 units of each WatchGecko Exclusive NTH DevilRay are available and have a retail price of £480. The watches will be shipped via free express shipping for the UK, USA, and most countries in the EU (you can see which countries we ship to here). Each watch comes with NTH’s 6-year movement guarantee, which is one of the best in the industry.

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